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I’m pleased to share with you the 2nd issue of “Smart Risk Magazine” – a lifestyle magazine about wealth matters.

This magazine brings thought leadership articles from across Canada and a variety of industries and contributing partners together to inspire readers to think differently about risk…and ultimately, empower readers to make better financial decisions and create lasting financial freedom.

You can now access it instantly HERE for your free digital copy, or contact our Smart Risk team ([email protected]) for a paper copy.

Most recently, I was honoured to be named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100TM.  When asked what does “powerful” mean to me?  My response, “powerful” means “impactful”.  I hope by curating high quality financial educational content through platforms like this Smart Risk Magazine, I can inspire more women and men to turn challenges into a source of strength, and find in their vulnerability the courage to achieve a deeply-rooted state of financial security.  And ultimately, by relieving us from financial limitations, we are free to create exponential positive impact!

Don’t miss our health and wellness tips like overcoming the “human energy crisis” by learning how to manage stress, or how “grit will take you farther than talent”, how to become “irresistible”, and how to change an unhealthy mindset into a perspective that can ultimately create a happy and purposeful life… and more!

I invite you to continue the conversation with me, and I welcome you to ask any questions, share your feedback with us, or join the Smart Risk community by emailing me at [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you.


Maili Wong, CFA, CFP, FEA

Bestselling Author of Smart Risk: Invest Like the Wealthy to Achieve A Work-Optional Life (available at

Smart Risk

About Smart Risk

Investing is risky, and successful investors know what it means to take “smart risks.” In Smart Risk, leading wealth catalyst and portfolio manager Maili Wong shares her techniques through the power of storytelling, to help Canadians build an investment strategy and roadmap leading to a Work-Optional Life – having the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose, regardless of market conditions. Visit to learn more.