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November 2016

Featured Writer in Business in Vancouver: Maili Wong shares about building a work-optional life

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Maili Wong is the #1 Amazon Bestselling author of Smart Risk, and strives to help others obtain a work-optional life. Maili Wong recently had the honour of sharing her insights on how to achieve the ‘work-optional’ life on Business in Vancouver.

To achieve this “work-optional” life, start with understanding which stage of life you’re in, then focus on appropriate priorities when building wealth over the medium and long term. – Maili Wong

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Smart Risk Holiday Gift Packages!

Need a Gift for the Host at Your Next Holiday Event? We’ve Got Your Perfect Solution.

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Need a gift for the host at your next holiday event? We have the perfect solution!
The Smart Risk team has a limited number of ‘Smart Risk Holiday Gift Packages’ to give away. Each Gift Package contains three Smart Risk: Invest Like the Wealthy for a Work-Optional Life books individually wrapped along with a chocolate gift card. Perfect for you to give-away as a thank-you gift to the host at your next holiday event.

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What Will The US Elections Mean For The Markets and Investing?

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What Will The US Elections Mean For The Markets and Investing?

Political uncertainty fueled by the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton headlines dominating the news can affect investor confidence levels and lead to greater volatility. 

Is it all noise?  According to Goldman Sachs’ Kensho market statistics, in the month of September the broad US stock market (S&P 500) tends to be weaker historically, falling -0.98% on average.  However, during an Election Year, the month of September tends to have a slightly POSITIVE return of +0.16%…  Read More