Invest in yourself. Start your journey to a work-optional life.


Investing is risky, and successful investors know what it means to take Smart Risks.

In Smart Risk, leading wealth catalyst and portfolio manager Maili Wong shares
her techniques to help you build an investment strategy and roadmap leading to a Work-Optional
Life―having the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose, regardless of market

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What people are saying about Smart Risk

Smart Risk will challenge the fundamentals of your financial decision-making process. A Must read for all investors!

Victor G. Dodig, President & CEO, CIBC

How do we ensure our financial well being through a significantly extended period of retirement? Whether you are an advisor, an individual investor or just someone trying to figure out how to navigate our evolving world, you will find Smart Risk a very helpful resource.

Warren Collier, CEO, iShares Canada

Maili Wong’s Smart Risk captures the essence of what it means to think differently, then act differently, in order to blaze a path toward achieving one’s financial vision of success. Bravo, Maili!

John DeHart, Co-Founder of Nurse Next Door

Maili Wong’s Smart Risk is the smart choice for any person or family attempting to look over the horizon at their financial future. She presents a roadmap, like a seasoned Commander issuing a pre-battle order, yet the book is personal and filled with warm stories and clear, concise, practical applications.

Art Gorman, Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors in New York City

Maili Wong has taken a topic that is increasingly complex and created a smart, thorough and effective framework to deal with the aspirations and challenges Canadian investors face daily. Timely and driven by her passion for life – a powerful combination!

Barry Gordon, President & CEO of First Asset

Maili Wong brings one of best perspectives in managing wealth for individuals, with deep experiences which have shaped her overall process. Smart Risk has a clear and direct message on what really matter for all Canadians in managing their money and meeting their long term goals.

Som Seif, President & CEO Purpose Investments Inc.