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February 2019

Flourish For Female Leaders Podcast: How to Create a Work-Optional Life

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As a Vancouver-based Portfolio Manager, I often meet with people who have questions about retirement. In some cases, they want to know if there’s a better way to maintain or even improve their lifestyle in retirement in the face of risk and uncertainty. I’ve dedicated my career and published a best-selling book to help clients take smart risks in investing, learn to feel at ease during market volatility, and achieve a sense of strength and resilience as they reach a place of financial security and freedom.

I recently joined Lisa Martin on her FLOURISH Podcast, where we discussed the “5P’s” of the Smart Risk Investing Roadmap, the investment mindsets of men and women, and the Plan everyone should have to create a Work-Optional Life.

Lisa Martin is the creator of the Lead + Live Better™ leadership programs; author of 5 books, including the bestselling Briefcase Moms; and a seasoned speaker, facilitator and executive coach. Lisa’s coached thousands of people on the art of thriving and counselled companies on building leadership capacity. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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