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What Will The US Elections Mean For The Markets and Investing?

Political uncertainty fueled by the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton headlines dominating the news can affect investor confidence levels and lead to greater volatility. 

Is it all noise?  According to Goldman Sachs’ Kensho market statistics, in the month of September the broad US stock market (S&P 500) tends to be weaker historically, falling -0.98% on average.  However, during an Election Year, the month of September tends to have a slightly POSITIVE return of +0.16%… 

So don’t let the fear and uncertainty of the US elections hold you back from moving forward financially.

To further make sense of it all, the Smart Risk team is hosting a panel of  three industry masterminds on November 2, 2016 from 5pm – 7pm who will offer a wealth of knowledge, insight and strategies in alignment with the Smart Risk principles on how to invest amidst the market uncertainty.  The expert panel will challenge the status quo herd mentality, and provide guests with resourceful strategies amidst the market volatility.

This exclusive Vancouver event: Volatility is Back – How to Navigate the Fear and Uncertainty using a Smart Risk Approach features a panel of three financial industry experts who will provide insight and actionable investment ideas on:


  • How to come out ahead of the US Elections
  • The Art and Science of investing in volatile markets
  • Disruption and Innovation in the ETF industry

Although space is limited, we have reserved a select number of seats for friends like you who might be new to the Smart Risk Approach.

Click here to apply for a complimentary seat to the event.

Please note that applying does not mean a seat is guaranteed until confirmed by the Smart Risk team, as space is very limited. Apply here today.


Maili Wong

About Maili Wong

Maili Wong is an author, a leading Canadian investment advisor and licensed portfolio manager whose fresh, modern approach to investing for her high-net-worth clients sets her apart from others in her field. Her first book Smart Risk shares per personal story of resilience as well as lessons learned and secrets gleaned in her 15 years of international investing experience.