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This past weekend was the official international book launch of “Smart Risk: Invest Like the Wealthy to Achieve a Work-Optional Life”, and boy did it start with a bang! For those who have read the book and are now familiar with the 5 P’s framework of the Smart Risk Investing Roadmap, I can tell you that the guiding principles were present throughout the New York launch itself.



Last weekend, friends, family and clients flew to New York from across Canada to partake in the start of the #SmartRiskRevolution. New York City was chosen as the venue for the international launch on purpose. It represents not only the heart of global finance, culture and North American entrepreneurial spirit, but also the start of where my own Smart Risk journey began 15 years ago.


On Friday March 11th, a group of my closest friends and family gathered in Times Square in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Smart Risk international release headline scrolling across the larger-than-life digital screens and bright lights. Thanks to some friends who woke up early to secure a good viewing spot sheltered from the East Coast winds, and some good old fashioned Big Apple luck, we managed to catch the first display of the book cover and its Bestseller headlines on the Reuters display screens for the big debut. This moment marked the culmination of years of hard work. And experiencing it while being surrounded by members of my Circle of Trust, made it all the more sweet.

Click here to read the International Press Release on March 11th



Later that evening, I hosted a celebration at L’Artusi Restaurant in the West Village, where I signed books and shared more about the inspiration behind Smart Risk with friends, family, clients and supporters. The planning process included details – everything down to the custom-printed menu itself. We all enjoyed a delicious Italian “family-style” meal that invited sharing of food, wine and conversation for guests to enjoy. This was all part of the experience of truly celebrating the start of the Smart Risk Revolution together.


In the days that followed, an outpouring of support began as readers and early “Smart Risk adopters” shared stories and personal emails with the Smart Risk team about how their perspectives were positively changed after reading the book. Myths were debunked, and fears were replaced by understanding and courage. Hence, the power of the Smart Risk Revolution began to spread. Then, two days after the official release date, an article appeared in The Province newspaper, written by Editor-In-Chief Wayne Moriarty about Maili and the Smart Risk book, sharing his insightful perspective.

Read Province article here.

Positive Action:

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Investing is risky, and successful investors know what it means to take “smart risks.” In Smart Risk, leading wealth catalyst and portfolio manager Maili Wong shares her techniques through the power of storytelling, to help Canadians build an investment strategy and roadmap leading to a Work-Optional Life – having the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose, regardless of market conditions. Visit to learn more.