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As a Vancouver-based Portfolio Manager, I often meet with people who have questions about retirement. In some cases, they want to know if there’s a better way to maintain or even improve their lifestyle in retirement in the face of risk and uncertainty. I’ve dedicated my career and published a best-selling book to help clients take smart risks in investing, learn to feel at ease during market volatility, and achieve a sense of strength and resilience as they reach a place of financial security and freedom. I created a new podcast series called Wealth Matters to start revolutionary, meaningful conversations about retirement living and, of course, risk and investments.

I recently recorded our first episode, “Innovations in Global Investing to Help You Achieve and Maintain a Work-Optional Life” with guest Satya Pradhuman. Satya is the Founder and Director of Research at Cirrus Research, a leading research firm in New York City that delivers innovative, objective insight and analysis to professional investors. Together, we illustrate how people can take a disciplined approach to developing an investment strategy that’s based on quality research and sound decisions.



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