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New International Book Release from Financial Expert Maili Wong debuts as Amazon Bestseller

By March 11, 2016April 22nd, 2021Press Releases
Start Your Journey to a Work-Optional Life Through Smart Risk Investing

Canadian financial expert’s new book outlines a path for thinking differently about risk, and embracing action to create lasting financial freedom debuts as Best Seller.

Vancouver, British Columbia – Knowing the difference between a good risk and a bad risk is vital in the world of investment and retirement planning. It takes a combination of art and science to create a process of decision-making that will increase the chance for reaching one’s financial goals. It’s that exact refined process that author and investment advisor Maili Wong shares in her new book Smart Risk: Invest Like the Wealthy to Achieve a Work-Optional Life.

Smart Risk details how to overcome challenges to achieve lifelong financial goals using the “Five P’s” – Purpose, People, Plan, Perspective and Positive Action – the foundation of the “Smart Risk Investing Roadmap.” When followed closely, this roadmap and investment strategy will help today’s investors navigate the twists and turns in their lives, and overcome the obstacles, fears and emotions that may be holding them back.

“Imagine waking up every day with the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose regardless of market conditions and where going to work is by choice and not a necessity,” says Wong. “This is the meaning of a Work-Optional Life and it starts with learning to take Smart Risks that continuously stack the odds in your favour.”

Wong’s book outlines her common sense, step-by-step approach while at the same time, sharing valuable lessons she’s learned investing for the ultra-wealthy. Smart Risk is for any individual or couple looking for financial stability both in their own future and their family’s future.

“Maili Wong’s Smart Risk is the smart choice for any person or family attempting to look over the horizon at their financial future. She presents a roadmap, like a seasoned commander issuing a pre-battle order, yet the book is personal and filled with warm stories and clear, concise, practical applications.” —Art Gorman, financial advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors in New York City; former chief operating officer, Municipal Markets / Public Finance at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch in New York

“Maili Wong brings one of best perspectives in managing wealth for individuals, with deep experiences which have shaped her overall process. Smart Risk has a clear and direct message on what really matters for all Canadians in managing their money and meeting their long-term goals.” – Som Seif, President & CEO Purpose Investments Inc.

Maili Wong is a leading portfolio manager and a principal of a top-ranked wealth management team at CIBC Wood Gundy. Maili was named a “Top 40 Under Forty” by Business in Vancouver in 2012 and is proud to be recognized as a wealth catalyst for her international clients over the past 15 years.

Her first book Smart Risk, was released in March 2016 ( Smart Risk empowers investors to first think, and then act differently when making financial decisions to reach their financial goals.

Maili graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelor of commerce degree in finance with honors. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioner, licensed life insurance advisor, and a FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR™ certificant specializing in helping affluent families transcend their wealth across generations.

Maili lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband, Keith, and their two children.

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Smart Risk

About Smart Risk

Investing is risky, and successful investors know what it means to take “smart risks.” In Smart Risk, leading wealth catalyst and portfolio manager Maili Wong shares her techniques through the power of storytelling, to help Canadians build an investment strategy and roadmap leading to a Work-Optional Life – having the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose, regardless of market conditions. Visit to learn more.