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Why You Need to Have Financial Perspective Like Byron Wien

In my recently published #1 Bestselling book, “Smart Risk: Invest Like the Wealthy to Achieve a Work-Optional Life,” I highlight the importance of bringing the right perspective to the financial decision-making process. 

In fact, Perspective is the fourth P (of 5 P’s) in the Smart Risk Roadmap.  

I interviewed several highly successful self-made multi-millionaires to discover the roadmap they used to build up significant net worth in an effort to help everyday people take Positive Action towards achieving financial success on their own terms.

An icon who exemplifies the “Smart Risk” Perspective is venerable Byron Wien – the 83 year old Vice Chairman of multi-asset investing, strategist, advisor and brand ambassador for Blackstone.   

Blackstone is one of the leading private-equity and real estate investors globally and based in New York, with more than $340 billion under management.  Mr. Wien continues to engage investor audiences around the world with his views on the economy and markets, as well as life lessons forged from a hard-luck upbringing in Chicago and more than 50 years on Wall Street.

He uses opinions and information gleaned from those encounters to write a lively and insightful monthly investment-strategy essay and to offer his views at what probably will be 100 investor meetings this year, mostly with Blackstone’s institutional clients, wealthy individuals, and financial advisors. Few on Wall Street network and travel as extensively as Mr. Wien does. His monthly strategy essay has an e-mail distribution list of 17,000, and total readership is probably much more than that.

Reflecting his clout and charm, Wien orchestrates a series of lunches each summer in the Hamptons that bring together leading investors and other notables to discuss the markets, the economy, and the world. Participants have included Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman, Wilbur Ross, George Soros, David Koch, and Tisch. Wien then writes about those meetings in a strategy essay, usually without mentioning names. He acknowledges that the consensus view of the smart money can be wrong, as it was last summer regarding the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump: “They thought he wouldn’t last until Thanksgiving.”

Below are his Top 10 life lessons, offering insightful perspective for us all to consider and reflect upon and as always,  I welcome your views and feedback.


Following in the footsteps of Mr. Wien, the Smart Risk team is hosting an exclusive Vancouver Event that will bring together three panelist on November 2, 2016 from 5pm – 7pm who will offer a wealth of knowledge, insight and strategies in alignment with the Smart Risk principle of providing resourceful strategies and encouraging diversity of thought to support a constant state of evolution. 

This exclusive Vancouver event: Volatility is Back – How to Navigate the Fear and Uncertainty using a Smart Risk Approach features a panel of three experts who will provide insight and action item on:

  • How to come out ahead of the US Elections
  • The Art and Science of investing in volatile markets
  • Disruption and Innovation in the ETF industry

Although space is limited, we have reserved a select number of seats for friends like you who might be new to the Smart Risk Approach.

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Maili Wong

About Maili Wong

Maili Wong is an author, a leading Canadian investment advisor and licensed portfolio manager whose fresh, modern approach to investing for her high-net-worth clients sets her apart from others in her field. Her first book Smart Risk shares per personal story of resilience as well as lessons learned and secrets gleaned in her 15 years of international investing experience.