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Redefining Retirement

Achieving and sustaining a work-optional retirement is possible. Maili was invited by Opal Element Lifestyle Retirement to share with their community on how to achieve and sustain a liberated, quality lifestyle, and have no worries about how long the money can last, or whether anything can be left to pass on to future generations.

Go to the Smart Risk Quiz to discover which of the 5 P’s in the Smart Risk Investing Roadmap can help you along your path towards a work-optional life.

Smart Risk

About Smart Risk

Investing is risky, and successful investors know what it means to take “smart risks.” In Smart Risk, leading wealth catalyst and portfolio manager Maili Wong shares her techniques through the power of storytelling, to help Canadians build an investment strategy and roadmap leading to a Work-Optional Life – having the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose, regardless of market conditions. Visit to learn more.