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Chess vs. Rock, Paper, Scissors – Which Investment Game are you Playing?

Chess is similar to investing in that it requires a person to make complicated decisions under conditions of uncertainty and time pressure.

Growing up, my Dad taught me how to play chess and I thought it was a lot of fun.  

Today, I often find myself thinking like a “chess player” when faced with important life or financial decisions.  Chess can be a good analogy for investing, as there are certain tools (i.e. chess pieces or types of investments) that play an important role at different points within a strategy in response to changes to the positions on the chess board.  

Successful chess players are skilled at understanding which tools to use and when, and are adaptable to changing market conditions (i.e. opponent moves).

Skilled chess players are highly focused on “anticipating” their opponent’s moves, as are skilled investors when it comes to recognizing patterns in the market and “anticipating” the market by leveraging both experience and pattern recognition.  

Anticipation is key to having an edge with a fundamental investing approach.  For example, as in chess, the market can set up a Pawn sacrifice that looks like an obvious choice, but experience can help a superior portfolio manager anticipate and avoid subsequent trouble.

Do the best Grandmaster chess players win every match?  No.  Neither do the best portfolio managers win on every trade nor in every time period.  However, achieving Grandmaster status requires lots of experience and learning from both successes and failures.  It also requires, in our view, an obsessive commitment to honing the tools in one’s investment tool kit.

The “other” investment game being played by many, is Rock, Paper, Scissors.  This game is out of the investor’s hands, and depends solely on chance and luck.  Most of the frustration expressed by unhappy investors is a result of the inconsistent results following a Rock, Paper Scissors investing game.

“To invest successfully does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information.  What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding the framework.”  – Warren Buffett

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Maili Wong

About Maili Wong

Maili Wong is an author, a leading Canadian investment advisor and licensed portfolio manager whose fresh, modern approach to investing for her high-net-worth clients sets her apart from others in her field. Her first book Smart Risk shares per personal story of resilience as well as lessons learned and secrets gleaned in her 15 years of international investing experience.